Dec 12, 2022

Freak JR XL Barrel Review


If you love the Freak barrel kit because you know its the best and don't want to break the back then you will love the new Freak JR XL barrel. This kit includes the barrel front, back and .689 XL Insert. These barrel kits are less than half the cost of the traditional Freak XL Barrel Kit. The packaging is also upgraded from previous Freak JR barrels and come is a super cool pod case.

The Freak JR XL barrel is the perfect choice for paintball players who are looking for a lightweight barrel that offers both performance and accuracy. Crafted from high-grade aluminum, this barrel is both lightweight and incredibly durable. It features a tight bore design and a smooth finish, allowing for greater accuracy and a consistent shot trajectory. The Freak JR XL is designed to fit on most markers, and is compatible with multiple paintball sizes. With its lightweight construction, this barrel is perfect for those who want to reduce barrel weight while still enjoying the accuracy and performance of a full-size barrel.

If you want to expand your barrel kit in the future, you can always buy any of the additional inserts you need for just $15 per piece. The complete kit comes with 8 total inserts but most paintballs fit somewhere in between .689 and .682, so only a few of the inserts will be needed. If you want to check out some videos for more information head over here

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