Feb 26, 2013

NEW Ego LV1 Paintball Gun

Check out the new 2013 Planet Eclipse Ego LV1 Paintball gun. Released today, the Ego LV1 has been drawing a lot of attention to the new front grip and macroless design.

Lets start with the new low rise clamping feed neck that is found on the Ego LV1. It is much lower than previous versions of the gun and will give you an overall lower point of gravity. The clamping arm on the neck will securely hold your loader in place

The grip frame has been re-designed to transport the air flow through the grip frame and directly to the Regulator. There is a small metal tube on the Eclipse Ego LV1 that sends the air to the regulator. The regulator itself has a molded rubber grip which makes it one of the most comfortable guns to hold.

As we move to the front of the LV1, you will see that the LPR has been hidden inside of the body. This keeps it free from dirt and debris as well as allows you to get a better grip on the front of the gun.

The Planet Eclipse Ego LV1 has been re-designed and is now in a little bit larger body. This helps with the overall workings of the gun and will give you smoother that ever before.

Feb 25, 2013

New JT Impulse Paintball Gun - BRAND NEW

This is the teaser for the new JT Impulse paintball gun. With a set release date of tomorrow, everyone is really excited about the release. Most fans of the previous model Impulse are expecting big things from this little package. The 2013 JT Impulse is expected to continue on with the poppit valve technology and be the most air efficient gun in the lineup of Kee Action Sports paintball guns.

Some of the key features we know about the new JT Impulse are the:
2 Piece Barrel - Small bore back to increase shot consistancy with larger front bore for better accuracy.

External Hoses - The debate has always been there for paintball guns to use macroline or not use macroline. The JT Impulse has chosen to go with macroline for easily disassembly and maintenance.

Balanced Valve Technology - This is expected to give the Impulse a nice soft shot that does not drastically raise the barrel of the gun. This will help with overall better accuracy.

Clamping Feedneck - Like all other high end paintball guns on the market, the JT Impulse has one of the best quality clamping feed necks on the market and is sure to keep your paintball loader in place.

Check back soon for more updated pictures of the new JT Impulse!

Feb 21, 2013

Empire Vanquish Paintball Guns

The Empire Vanquish is one of the most exciting paintball gun releases for 2013. With a release date of Feb 26th, the Empire Vanquish will be on the market to compete with all of the top guns in paintball.

With very little information currently available for the Empire Vanquish, the best we can do now is speculate about all the really cool features that are sure to be installed and included with the gun.

The Empire Vanquish is expected to hit the market in early March with a price tag of $1200+ which groups it with the likes of the Ego, Geo, Luxe and DM series guns. You would have to assume with a price tag in the 4 digits, the Vanquish will come stock with an easy to remove bolt,

Feb 11, 2013

New Bob Long Victory V-Com

The Bob Long Victory V-Com paintball gun is one of the hottest new guns for the 2013 paintball season. This is the first gun of its kind to have adjustable firing mechanisms  The Victory V-Com comes with two complete firing engines which easily allow you to adjust your marker between spool valve or poppet technology. The Bob Long Victory V-Com is the ideal paintball gun for Front, Mid or Back players with this unique technology. Front Players would want to use the less efficient spool valve technology which will give them a nice and smooth shot. Mid or Back players would use the Victory V-Com with the highly efficient Poppet Engine which will give them more shots that needed in a game. 

Check out the Bob Long Victory V-Com and add one of these truly great paintball guns to you gear bag.