Dec 30, 2011

Paintball Guns - Get a Great Deal Today

If you are looking for a paintball gun and to get into the sport, then read here. This paintball gun article will give you some great advice when you go out and begin looking to purchase your first paintball gun.

Paintball Gun pricing can range anywhere from $35 all the way up to $2000+, and that is only for the gun, not all of the other things you need to get after the gun. If you decide you want to spend on the low side and get a gun for $35, dont expect it to last long. The Very inexpensive paintball guns are made out of cheap plastic and well.... you get what you pay for. You can be expecting to replace one of the cheap paintball guns within a month and you will not be too competitive on the paintball field.

On the other hand, the $2000+ paintball guns are extremely overpriced for a beginner looking for his or her first paintball gun. I would recommend choosing a paintball gun between the $99 and $250 price range. Depending if you are looking for an all around gun or a woodsball gun, you should consider Tippmann and Kingman/Spyder paintball gun.

The other main accessories you will want to have are a CO2 or compressed air tank, Hopper that feeds paintballs into the gun, and a good quality paintball mask. Good luck and happy shopping on all of your paintball gear.

2012 Proto Rail Paintball Guns

The 2012 Proto Rail paintball gun is a must have for any paintball player who wants a great gun at a great price. Now you can get the 2012 Proto Rail for under $300 and it works and shoots just like all of the other high end paintball guns on the market. If perfection is what you want, then consider this gun.

Available in a variety of colors and two different styles, you can pick the 2012 Proto Rail paintball gun that fits your style of play and your budget. The Reflex Rail is the high end of the 2012 Proto Rail series guns and boasts a full aluminum constitution with tons of great features. Its little brother has a retail price of $299 and is a great gun for the price.

If you are looking at picking up a new gun for the season, then defiantly consider the 2012 Proto Paintball Gun Lineup.

Dec 29, 2011

Spyder MRX Paintball Gun

The all new Spyder MRX paintball gun is released and on the market for sale today. Packed full of tons of great features, the Spyder MRX paintball gun is a dream come true for any scenario or woodsball player.

With the quick twist of the barrel, the Spyder MRx easily transforms from a regular hopper fed paintball gun into a magazine fed marker. The stock magazine of the Spyder MRx has a carrying capacity of almost 20 rounds. Not only does the gun come stock with both mag and loader feeding, the MRx has a M16 style barrel, collapsible stock and carrying handle.

The Spyder MRx is truly a great paintball gun for the price. If you are a paintball player that runs on a bit of a budget then check out the also popular Spyder MR100 which has a retail price of only $99

Oct 13, 2011

Luxe 2.0 Paintball Gun

Check out the all new Luxe 2.0 paintball gun today.

All new circuit board - The Luxe 2.0 Circuit Board takes advantage of advances in embedded controller technology to provide more efficient and responsive performance. A more effective “sleep” mode allows the Luxe to maintain its battery charge longer between uses while separate voltage regulators for analog and digital circuits optimize power-on performance for longer battery life.

Luxe USB Interface Application – This new Windows based software provides three levels of communication with the Luxe 2.0. Luxe firmware updates can be flashed into the Luxe 2.0 circuit board without having to send it in to a Luxe Prestige Dealer. Using substitution-permutation network based encoding, the Luxe 2.0 relies on NSA top-secret approved encryption to ensure that only legitimate Luxe software is loaded via the USB connection. The USB Interface Application features bi-directional settings transfer to read or change any of the Luxe’s 19 user-adjustable settings with an easy to use one-page menu. The USB Interface Application also allows for the installation of new voice sets into the Luxe 2.0.

All new voices – The Luxe 2.0 is configured from the factory with the all new Luxe 2.0 default voice as well as select phrases in Spanish, German and Russian, but it doesn’t stop there. Three of the Luxe 2.0’s four voice banks can be easily re-flashed with the Luxe USB Interface application. A growing library of complete voice sets (not just select phrases) in various languages, and the voices of professional paintball players like Todd Martinez, Konstantin Fedorov and Patrick Wrobel will be available soon at

Easy access Fire Chamber – The easiest to maintain luxury paintball marker just got even easier! The Luxe power core still provides the fastest access to both the bolt and valve system of any tournament marker. New cut-outs in the Luxe 2.0 fire chamber increase staged gas volume to protect against shoot-down while providing easier access to the chamber’s internal o-rings.

Bolt Return Spring – Inside the nose of the Luxe 2.0 bolt is a small spring which stores excess energy from the bolt’s return stroke and releases it right when it is needed, as the bolt overcomes friction to begin its forward motion. The result is an immediate reduction in first-shot drop.

Easy Feathertouch Access – One of the most popular updates to the Luxe design has been Feathertouch. Players can choose between the fastest possible recharge cycle or pneumatic buffering to soften the bolt’s forward movement. With Feathertouch, the Luxe’s recoil is virtually eliminated and its buffered bolt movement is gentle on even the most brittle paintballs. The Luxe 2.0 grip frame features an access port allowing the Feathertouch Control Screw to be installed without removing the grip frame. An additional storage port keeps the Feathertouch Control Screw secure when not in use.

New Quick Latch System – The groundbreaking quick-latch ball detent and eye covers that made their debut on the original Luxe have proven their worth in rapid cleaning between points in the staging area. Unfortunately, they also occasionally became dislodged at inopportune times. The new Luxe 2.0 Quick Latch system augments the positive retention magnets with compact physical latches that operate smoothly, and open just as fast.

Luxe 2.0 Case – The redesigned Luxe case features improved padding and a more rugged dent resistant exterior to handle the abuses paintball travel in style.

The same great performance – The Luxe 2.0 retains all the best features from its heritage: multi-league firing modes, sleek ergonomic design, joystick controlled easy voice-navigation menu system, unbeatably fast access to both the bolt and valve for fast cleaning and maintenance, Freak adaptable barrel technology, 4-point adjustable trigger, angled ball detents, hose and tube free integrated air design, and red-carpet customer service befitting a true luxury paintball marker.

Jul 13, 2011

Valken V-Max Loader

The all new Valken V-Max loader is finally released to the public. The V-Max hopper has been in the works for the past 24 months and has finally reached a point of perfection!

Weighing in at under 1lb with batteries installed, the Valken V-Max Loader is one of the most light weight and compact paintball hoppers to ever hit the market. With a 220 round paintball capacity your loader will easily carry enough paint for you to pack a solid punch on your enemy.

Priced at $119.95, the Valken V-Max Hopper is affordable to anyone looking for a solid paintball loader that will be feeding at least 30 balls per second. Check out the Valken V-Max loader today if you are looking for a great deal on a top of the line paintball loader

Jul 12, 2011

Exalt Tank Cover

The Exalt tank cover is one of the lightest weight and most comfortable bottle covers on the market. Priced at only $17, the Exalt tank cover will keep your bottle protected and looking good on the paintball field.

Made from a very pliable silicone-like material, the Exalt cover can easily fit most size tanks with very little effort. Available in 5 different colors, you can have the tank cover that you want to match the rest of your paintball equipment.

This is a must have paintball tank cover for any paintball player that is serious about his gear and serious about the sport. Order your Exalt tank cover today and dont look back!

Jul 11, 2011

Paintball Chest Protector

The entire paintball chest protector industry has been quickly evolving over the past 5 years. Before 2008, the only paintball chest protectors on the market were made out of hard and uncomfortable material that you would wear over your jersey, shirt or sweatshirt while playing. In 2008 the Empire paintball chest protector was released and revolutionized chest protectors from all manufactures.

The T-shirt like fit and materials made the Empire chest protector the first to be comfortably worn under your jersey, provide protection and increase bounces. Now when you look at the current 2011/2012 paintball chest protectors you find this in every one of them.

Some of the main paintball chest protector manufacturers include Empire, Dye, Proto, Planet Eclipse, Redz, Gen X Global and Valken. If you want to keep your body in good shape and cut down on the bruises then grab yourself a paintball chest protector today.

Jul 7, 2011

Empire 2011 Paintball Jersey Sale

If you are looking for an Empire paintball jersey on sale then check out this sale. We just came across a huge price drop on all 2011 Empire paintball jerseys.

The 2011 Empire paintball jerseys come in either the standard Contact style or LTD style and both of them are available for a great price. While you browse the great deals of the 2011 Paintball jerseys, check out all of the matching pants and gloves so you can look the part on the field.

Here are the features of the LTD Paintball Jersey
  • - Limited edition and serial numbered
  • - Engineered mesh panels that can cut the amount of fabric required in a jersey. This technology lets our designers incorporate passive cooling into our jerseys without adding the seams of a traditional mesh panel. These panels create a natural flow of heat away from the body.
  • - Nylon slider forearms incorporate strategically placed 860D nylon on the wrist and elbow to protect your jersey when you are zipping down the snake.
  • - Built in articulated 5mm elbow pads built into the jersey, with a stretch panel above it to move with you and a Kevlar patch to stop any wear.
  • - Perforated Clarino leather thumbhole loops on the cuffs to help keep the jersey in place when you dive and protect your palms for those that refuse to wear gloves.
  • - Microfiber cuff backs to remove any unwanted splatter from your goggles between games
  • - Breathable bio-foam chest panel for added protection
  • - Micro-ribbed cuffs to easily slip over your grind elbow pads and gloves
  • - High output mesh venting down the sides that wrap-around the torso. Being hot and uncomfortable is nobody's idea of fun. We vent the hot zones for you, you just worry about winning.

  • While you shop for your new paintball jersey, be sure to check out the huge selections of paintball pants and gloves to match your new jersey.