Feb 29, 2012

Empire E-Flex Paintball Mask

Check out the all new Empire E-Flex paintball mask. The Empire E-Flex uses a Empire Event Top half of the mask with a modified JT Proflex bottom. This is truly one of the biggest releases in paintball for the 2012 Season.

Not only is the new Empire E-Flex a great mask but, it is compatible with all previous versions of the JT Proflex series paintball masks. That means the Empire E-Flex can use JT Spectra style Goggle Frames as well as JT Spectra style flex bottoms. This is truly one of the most advanced paintball masks to ever hit the market.

Stock with a Empire E-Vents lens and Frame, the Empire E-Flex uses a good quality foam padding that is found in all of the JT spectra series goggles. With that said, the bottom of the Empire E-Flex uses a similar bottom to the old Proflex series goggles. The big difference is the profile of the bottom half of the mask. The Sides are pushed in a bit to make the Empire E-Flex paintball mask a more sleek and low profile design.

The Empire E-Flex will be available soon with a retail price of $109.95.

Feb 21, 2012

Invert Mini Gun

The Invert Mini paintball gun is officially the lightest full size paintball gun on the entire paintball market. If you are looking for a good quality gun that will get the job done, then check out the Invert Mini today.

The Invert Mini has a ton of great features which include lever clamping feed neck, ported barrel, easy bolt out back removal and no macrolines.

The removal of the external macroline hosing ensures that the Invert Mini will have less problems. Any time you have plastic hosing or tubing on the outside of a paintball gun, there are more things that can go wrong with the gun. The hoseless design on the Invert Mini ensures that happens.

Overall, if you want a good quality and reliable paintball gun from Invert Paintball, we highly recommend you check out the full selection of Invert Mini paintball guns which start at only $325.

Azodin Blitz Gun

The Azodin Blitz paintball gun is released, on the market and has been tested for quite some time. Now available in a variety of different colors, the Azodin Blitz is a great choice for paintballers looking to step up their game to the next level.

Anti Chop eyes help the Azodin Blitz to never break paintballs in the chamber even when the battle heats up. A good quality 12 inch ported barrel will help give your Azodin Blitz great accuracy right out of the box.

The Azodin Blitz paintball gun has a price tag in the mid $200s and is an affordable paintball gun for any beginning to intermediate paintball player.