Sep 24, 2013

New HK Army KLR Paintball Goggles

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Check out the new HK Army KLR paintball mask and get the latest technology available. With a price starting at $125 bucks, this is an affordable high end option that offers great breath-ability as well as protection. Out of the gates, the KLR mask will be offered up in 8 standard colors which should include Black, Blue, Red, White, Green and a couple others as well as 5 custom printed patterns.

The KLR goggles will come stock with a mirrored chrome lens and have plenty of customizable options including 8 different lenses, a bunch of different ear pieces and some new locking tabs and hardware. Stay tuned for more details on the release of the HK Army KLR mask.


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  2. This KLR is one of my most paintball mask. I love the quality and technology use in it. I wish to use it for life time.