Oct 1, 2013

New Immortal Air Paintball Tank Regulator

This is the all new Immortal Air Aura regulator that was just released by one of the leading tank companies in the world; Immortal Air. With over 20 years of making paintball tanks, these previous owners of Air America are back at it again and are living up to all of the hype. This new regulator is manufactured in the USA and is build from high quality airplane grade aluminum.

Its light weight design is very durable and can stand up to abuse from even the toughest paintball players. If you are looking to upgrade the your reg, then defiantly check out the new Immortal Air Aura regulator today.

We will have a full in depth review of the Aura regulator in the next couple of weeks but until then, let us know any thought, questions or concerns you would like us to address.


  1. Bought two of these and was excited to use Dan's new regs. Worst purchase ever. Could not get a refund either. Back to the Myth regs for me. Those always work flawlessly.