Sep 13, 2013

All New GI Sports Pulse RDR

Ooh Snap! Check out the GI Sportz New Pulse RDR paintball loader today. This is one of the newest paintball loaders on the market and packs a punch for the most serious woodsball and scenario paintball players. Chocked full of new and patented technology, the GI Sportz Pulse RDR will keep up and consistently feed paint for even the fastest shooting paintball guns.

There are expected to be a couple versions of the new GI Sportz loader. The Pulse RDR will have a built in chronograph with display screen to give you an accurate reading as to how fast your paintball gun is shooting. This means no more standing in line at the chrono station. This also means, paintball will be a safer sport by letting you know if your gun has abruptly increased its velocity on the field due to any type of mechanical failure.

With an Expected release date at the PSP World Cup in October 2013, the GI Sportz Pulse loader will quickly be one of the most prominent paintball loaders on the field.

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