Nov 17, 2022

New JT Triad Paintball Loader - Just Released

JT has been out of the loader market for some time but just released the brand new JT Triad Loader. This is a high end loader with a 215 round capacity and 15 BPS Feed rate.  The expected retail price is $149. 

The loader is fully tool-less and is up to 2022 paintball standards. The inside tray pops out and you can just wash the paint off the shell.  The loader uses both eye and sound activation which keep a consistent flow of paintballs to the gun.  The feeding cone is really easy on paint so you can shoot some super brittle paintballs through the l0ader without having them break in the hopper.  There is also a spring ramp at the front of the hopper which keeps the last few remaining paintballs in the drive track.  This helps when you are running low on paint and there is no force on the stack.  

The JT Triad loader also comes with both the speed freed as well as rain lid.  This keeps rain or dirt out of the loader if the conditions aren't the best.   The pro teams all used the Triad loader for the 2022 world cup event and were very happy with the results.   This is the most innovative loader that JT has released since the Evlution loader in 2005. 

Check out the rest of the details here

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