Nov 8, 2018

Ninja SLX Paintball Tank Release

New Ninja SLX Tanks
If you heard about the release recently for the Ninja SLX Tanks and have been waiting to find out more, the wait is over. The SLX is a very limited edition gold tank that is limited to a total of 400 pieces across 2 different size bottles.

Not only are you getting the gold tank, but the traditional black Ninja regulator has been replaced with bright gold shiny regulator that has been polished. These tanks will never be produced again and are going to be selling out really quick. Out of the 400 total tanks, about 300 pieces will remain allocated to the United States with the rest being sent to other countries. 

The SLX tank was the brain child of Ninja paintball to give loyal fans something special to celebrate their 10 anniversary of the brand. These tanks are retailing for $239.95 and can be found at large online retailers like

If you are thinking that you want to own a piece of paintball history, then jump on these limited edition Ninja SLX Paintball tanks


  1. I hope I can get the money together to buy this tank. Always recommend Ninja tanks to new players

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  3. Wow! interesting, can I know where do you use it for?

  4. I am very amaze and conscious about this tank.

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