Jul 10, 2013

New Valken V-Max 2 Paintball Hopper

Here is your first look at the new Valken V-Max 2 paintball hopper. Re-designed to be lighter weight and perform better, the V-max 2 has everything you could ask for at an extremely affordable price.

The new 6 blade paddle which comes stock in all of the V-Max 2 loaders helps to feed paint and keep your loader from jamming. This new feed paddle is pliable and helps load up to 30 balls per second.

The Low profile and light weight design will keep you in the game longer with less hopper hits and wont strain your arms from all of the added and extra weight.

The all new motor that comes stock in the Valken V-Max 2 has more torque and is more consistant than the previouse motor that came in the old V-Max loader.

The Valken V-Max 2 is also a completly tool-less loader which makes taking it apart to clean and work on effortless. Now you can take your loader apart on the field or sidelines in just a matter of minutes.


  1. This is a great hopper. I like it and it is pretty much what you pay for. sort of fancy for a beginner like me. I just bought a spyder fasta from http://paintballgunsforsalenow.com. I will upgrade once I get better at my game. thanks for the post.

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