Jul 10, 2013

New Pinokio Speed Paintball Hopper

Here is your fist look at the all new Pinokio Speed paintball hopper. If you have been involved or associated with paintball for any length of time, you have seen the Pinokio series paintball loader with the front noes cone. Well, out with the old and in with the new. With an expected release date of late 2013, the Pinokio Speed Loader features a light weight and low profile design that will feed 25+ balls per second.

Here are some quick features that you can expect from the all new Pinokio Speed paintball hopper:
- Battery Life - Word on the street is that the Pinokio Speed will get a minimum of 30 cases off one set of 9 volt batteries.
- One Button Operation - No crazy modes or adjustments on the Speed! Just fast and consistent feeding on any gun from mechanical to high speed tourney gun.
- Removable Nose - Although the nose cone of the Pinokio Speed is removable, it will not come with any attachments increase carrying capacity. It will however help if you find yourself with a broken ball or dirt and debris in your loader.

Built to last, I believe the Pinokio Speed will be a solid competition loader in the 120-150 dollar price point!

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