Oct 11, 2012

Dye DM13 Paintball Guns - JUST RELEASED

Check out the first ever picture of the Dye DM13 paintball gun. Much of the world has been wondering if the Dye DM13 would finally remove the macorline and design a hoseless operation. We can clearly see that the DM13 will have the macroline.

From this small picture, you can see that Dye has disguised the bottom of the regulator and the grip. My guess is that these are two of the major changes on the Dye DM13. Check back to this post for the most updated info on the Dye Dm13.


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  2. Thanks for the information,I loved this gun.Well sport of paintball is extremely messy but also very fun to play. But now people are taking it one level higher and investing in fully automatic paintball guns to hone their skills at shooting their target with perfection. !!

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