Dec 29, 2011

Spyder MRX Paintball Gun

The all new Spyder MRX paintball gun is released and on the market for sale today. Packed full of tons of great features, the Spyder MRX paintball gun is a dream come true for any scenario or woodsball player.

With the quick twist of the barrel, the Spyder MRx easily transforms from a regular hopper fed paintball gun into a magazine fed marker. The stock magazine of the Spyder MRx has a carrying capacity of almost 20 rounds. Not only does the gun come stock with both mag and loader feeding, the MRx has a M16 style barrel, collapsible stock and carrying handle.

The Spyder MRx is truly a great paintball gun for the price. If you are a paintball player that runs on a bit of a budget then check out the also popular Spyder MR100 which has a retail price of only $99


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