Dec 30, 2011

Paintball Guns - Get a Great Deal Today

If you are looking for a paintball gun and to get into the sport, then read here. This paintball gun article will give you some great advice when you go out and begin looking to purchase your first paintball gun.

Paintball Gun pricing can range anywhere from $35 all the way up to $2000+, and that is only for the gun, not all of the other things you need to get after the gun. If you decide you want to spend on the low side and get a gun for $35, dont expect it to last long. The Very inexpensive paintball guns are made out of cheap plastic and well.... you get what you pay for. You can be expecting to replace one of the cheap paintball guns within a month and you will not be too competitive on the paintball field.

On the other hand, the $2000+ paintball guns are extremely overpriced for a beginner looking for his or her first paintball gun. I would recommend choosing a paintball gun between the $99 and $250 price range. Depending if you are looking for an all around gun or a woodsball gun, you should consider Tippmann and Kingman/Spyder paintball gun.

The other main accessories you will want to have are a CO2 or compressed air tank, Hopper that feeds paintballs into the gun, and a good quality paintball mask. Good luck and happy shopping on all of your paintball gear.


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