Feb 18, 2016

Introducing the new DLX Luxe Ice Paintball Marker

The wait for a new Luxe gun is over with the worldwide release of the DLX Luxe Ice paintball gun. The pursuit of perfection is here and will blow off your socks. With more features than ever before, the masses will be lined up to get their hands on the newly released and upgraded gun.

Although not all of the details have been released yet, DLX has given us a few of the key features that make this different from the previous Luxe 2.0 series of guns. A Redesigned bolt system will power this new model luxe and give it a 40psi reduction on the pressure used to operate the gun. Not only will it help with a quieter sound signature, it will also give it a 20% increase in on the field efficiency. Not only will that make the gun shoot better and smoother than ever, it will reduce the amount of maintenance required to keep the gun in good working order.

If you were ever frustrated with the regulator on the previous Luxe 2.0 marker, then have no fear. An all new regulator design makes adjusting and working on your regulator a breeze. Not only did the regulator get a makeover, the ASA was updated and streamlined as well. Why stop there when you can re-mill the entire gun and make it smooth beautiful.

Pictures of the DLX Luxe Ice will be available shortly and will be updated on this page.

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