Feb 26, 2013

NEW Ego LV1 Paintball Gun

Check out the new 2013 Planet Eclipse Ego LV1 Paintball gun. Released today, the Ego LV1 has been drawing a lot of attention to the new front grip and macroless design.

Lets start with the new low rise clamping feed neck that is found on the Ego LV1. It is much lower than previous versions of the gun and will give you an overall lower point of gravity. The clamping arm on the neck will securely hold your loader in place

The grip frame has been re-designed to transport the air flow through the grip frame and directly to the Regulator. There is a small metal tube on the Eclipse Ego LV1 that sends the air to the regulator. The regulator itself has a molded rubber grip which makes it one of the most comfortable guns to hold.

As we move to the front of the LV1, you will see that the LPR has been hidden inside of the body. This keeps it free from dirt and debris as well as allows you to get a better grip on the front of the gun.

The Planet Eclipse Ego LV1 has been re-designed and is now in a little bit larger body. This helps with the overall workings of the gun and will give you smoother that ever before.


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