Jun 11, 2012

Eclipse Geo 3

The Planet Eclipse Geo 3 paintball gun has finally leaked. Exclusive Geo 3 Pictures are out but the features and specs on the gun remain confidential. According to some of the rumors, The Eclipse Geo 3 will have an adjustable solenoid which will be the largest change differentiating the Geo 2.1 and Geo 3 guns.

The Geo 3 is available in 6 different colors with some pretty interesting combinations. Scheduled to begin shipping in late June, the Eclipse Geo 3 is easily going to be one of the hottest paintball guns for the 2012 and 2013 paintball season. 


  1. I wish we would get these guns here in SA. We always seem to have to wait months and months to get them, and then only seem to get old stock

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